Betting Strategies: Oddscapper MLB Doubleheader System

It is not a stretch to say that no one in baseball likes doubleheaders.

The players dislike putting forth that much effort in one day. Managers cringe at the thought of having to burn their bullpens. Umpires loathe having to sit out there for a double-dip, especially the guys that have to work the plate in one game and the field in another. The vendors and ballpark employees essentially pull a double-shift with little to nothing to show for it. And studies show that attendance in either game a doubleheader is less than the average for a regular home game, which is enough to drive management crazy.

So, again, I’m sure that 95% percent of people in baseball would probably agree that doubleheaders suck. But as a bettor, you should count yourself in the 5% percent that loves MLB doubleheaders. And if you are a savvy MLB punter you should appreciate and eagerly anticipate them.

Odds capper premier sports capper Tom Hatfield speaks about THIS doubleheader MLB strategy

When betting a doubleheader you would bet $100 on an underdog to win Game 1. If your team wins, you are done for the day, and congrats on your profit. If your team loses then you come back and bet $100, again on the underdog, in Game 2. If your team wins the second game you will still earn a small profit on the day. If your team gets swept then, well, you have played two dogs it is not that bad situation. Just start counting the days until the next double-dip.

The thing is that historically only 26.2 percent of doubleheaders end in a sweep. That means that if you play the dog you will win money in three out of four doubleheaders. There aren’t many systems in any sport where you can win 75 percent of the time.

Use the dobuleheader betting system as ofter as possible because the Powers in Major League Baseball are doing everything they can to ensure the doubleheader’s extinction. Or at the very least ensure its permanent place on the endangered species list. Back in 1945 doubleheaders accounted for a whopping 48 percent of all MLB games played and from 1926 to 1967 at least 20 percent of the total games were played as part of doubleheaders. However, since 1986 doubleheaders have made up less than five percent of all games and currently they represent slightly less than two percent of all games.

2018 season double-dip situations will present themselves around 25 times which would allow even a relatively modest gambler to play it for $500+ per game. So if you have a couple of thousand in your account and you don’t like the daily grind of MLB betting, but you still want an opportunity to pad your stack between the end of basketball and the start of football, then betting on doubleheaders is a surefire way to achieve your goals.